Tackling A Few Of The Most Common Misconceptions Concerning Wearing Dentures

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Dentures are perhaps the most common way for people to replace their missing natural teeth. If you are looking forward to getting your own set of dentures, make sure you do not let a few common misconceptions get in the way and cause you apprehension.

Misconception: Dentures will make your food taste funny.

Fact: Dentures are made of material that is flavorless, such as acrylic and resin. However, when you first put them on, your food may taste a little different, but not so much that it should be a big difference. It is not really that you food tastes funny, but will feel a little differently in your mouth. This is a new sensation that you will quickly get used to.

Misconception: The dentures will slide around in your mouth when you talk, making you sound weird.

Fact: If your dentures are sliding around in your mouth when you first get them, you should go back to the denturist to have them refitted to your mouth or adjusted, because this is not what should be happening. It can take a little time to get used to the way you sound with dentures, especially if you have had no teeth for a while. However, it should not be difficult to speak because your dentures are moving in your mouth.

Misconception: It takes people years to get used to wearing dentures.

Fact: It can take about one week for each ten years of your age to get accustomed to the way dentures feel in your mouth. So generally speaking, the older you are when you get dentures, the longer it may take for you to get used to them, but it should not take years.

Misconception: You have to use adhesive or your teeth will fall out.

Fact: If your dentures fit appropriately, they should not fall out without adhesive. Denture adhesive will give you a little more chewing power and help keep the teeth in position while you are getting used to them.

Misconception: You will have to deal with taking your teeth out every night.

Fact: The first few days after you get your dentures, you may want to take your dentures out while you sleep. However, it is not necessary to take your teeth out every night thereafter. Some people only take their dentures out to clean them. There are actually studies showing that wearing dentures during sleep may help to reduce the risk of sleep apnea.

When it comes down to the facts, most people are happy with their new teeth after a short adjustment period and have no issues. If you have to get dentures, talk openly with your dentist about any concerns you have. To learn more about dentures, contact someone like Village Green Dentures.


6 June 2015

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It was my secret for a long time, but I am finally sharing it -- I was an adult who still had a baby tooth. My dentist told me it shifted when my adult teeth came in instead of falling out. He also said I should have it pulled before it started causing dental problems, but I decided to keep it for a while. One day, during a dental check-up, my dentist found a cavity on the tooth next to it. He told me it was time to have it extracted, as it was close to the other tooth and making it hard for me to clean it. I had it taken out, and I don't miss it. I created this blog to tell other people with baby teeth as adults that they are not alone. Also, they can cause problems, so have them pulled if your dentist suggests it.