4 Reasons Not To Skip Out On Regular Dental Cleanings

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There are many oral health problems that you can suffer from if you are not taking care of your teeth in the proper way. Many people believe that brushing is enough, but on top of that you have to be sure that you are flossing to remove all other stuck particles that your toothbrush cannot get on its own, and receiving regular dental cleaning. It is very important that you have dental insurance and a regular dentist you can go to in order to guarantee that these dental cleaning appointments are made. Here's why you should not skip out on these:

  1. Prevents Oral Cancer: Oral cancer is one of those types of cancer that are difficult to detect. There are very few outward signs that you will be able to see on your own that will tell you that you have oral cancer. When you receive regular dental cleanings (which should be every six months to a year), your dentist will easily be able to detect signs of oral cancer, and they will be able to remove it as early as possible to prevent it from spreading to other areas of your body. 
  2. Keep Your Natural Teeth: When you are taking care of your teeth in the best way possible, you will likely be able to keep all of your natural teeth. This is because no rotting or severe tooth decay will occur. And if there are any problems like this, your dentist will be sure to catch it early before it completely destroys your natural teeth. This is going to save you money on things such as dental implants and more. 
  3. Take Full Advantage of Insurance: One reason some people may avoid visiting the dentist is because they are worried about what it is going to cost them. However, when you make appointments for regular teeth cleaning, almost all dental insurance plans will cover the cost completely for this. On your way out the door, you shouldn't have to pay anything for having your teeth cleaned. This is the best way to take full advantage of your insurance coverage. 
  4. Prevent Bad Breath: Although brushing and flossing is one way to prevent yourself from having bad breath, dental cleanings are going to take care of all the areas that you may have been missing. This is going to prevent those areas from making you have bad breath. 

By knowing these reasons not to skip out on regular dental cleanings, you can be sure that you don't feel nervous about the appointments, but instead realize why it is so important for both your appearance and health.


12 August 2015

Baby Tooth as an Adult? You Are Not Alone

It was my secret for a long time, but I am finally sharing it -- I was an adult who still had a baby tooth. My dentist told me it shifted when my adult teeth came in instead of falling out. He also said I should have it pulled before it started causing dental problems, but I decided to keep it for a while. One day, during a dental check-up, my dentist found a cavity on the tooth next to it. He told me it was time to have it extracted, as it was close to the other tooth and making it hard for me to clean it. I had it taken out, and I don't miss it. I created this blog to tell other people with baby teeth as adults that they are not alone. Also, they can cause problems, so have them pulled if your dentist suggests it.