Prevent Your Porcelain Dentures From Cracking Or Becoming Stained

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If you wear porcelain dentures, the following tips will prevent them from cracking or becoming stained. Keeping your dentures maintained will eliminate them from needing extensive repairs and will ensure that your smile remains radiant each day. 

Lay Out A Towel And Handle Your Dentures In Front Of A Mirror

When you are getting ready to put your dentures in or take them out for the day, sit in front of a mirror so that you can see what you are doing. If you haven't owned your dentures for long, a mirror that magnifies images will make it easier for you to see the edges of the dentures so that you can attach or detach them with ease. Set a thick, folded towel down in front of the mirror so that if you accidentally drop the dentures, they will not be susceptible to damage.

Soak And Rinse Your Dentures Daily 

Soak your dentures in a glass of warm water on a daily basis so that the porcelain does not dry out. If dentures remain in dry conditions, the material they are made out of can twist or shrink and cause you discomfort when you place them inside of your mouth. Use a denture cleaner that your dentist recommends to remove surface stains from each tooth.

Scrub the dentures with a soft brush after they soak in the cleaner for the recommended amount of time. Remove any adhesive from the dentures by moving the brush firmly over its surface. Rinse the dentures off with plain water and brush them with toothpaste before inserting them in your mouth so that unpleasant odors are not an issue.

Brush Your Tongue, Gums, And Palate

Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your tongue, gums, and palate (roof of mouth) each day. These parts of your mouth can breed germs and cause an infection after wearing the dentures for an extended amount of time. Brushing will ensure that you have eliminated food particles from your mouth so that the dentures feel comfortable after they are installed.

Rinse your mouth out with saltwater after you have finished brushing. Saltwater will prevent small mouth sores from becoming infected and will remove any small pieces of food that are stuck underneath your gums. 

After you consistently practice the same steps each day, it won't take you long to clean or install the dentures. You will feel comfortable handling the dentures and the risk of damage occurring to them will be minimal. If you have any questions, contact a company like Boviz Denture Clinic Repair.


22 September 2015

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