An Overview Of The Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Technique Used To Remove Stains From Your Teeth

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The older you get, the more likely stains have formed on your teeth from doing things like drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. The stains can darken your teeth and diminish the brightness of your smile. Deeply darken teeth may not respond well to over-the-counter whitening products and methods, and you'll have to seek professional dental help to get your teeth looking white again. Here is how a dentist can clean and whiten your teeth using the magnetostrictive ultrasonic technique.

Magnetostrictive Vibrator

A magnetostrictive vibrator is a handheld device that rotates the tip of the vibrator in a circular motion. The speed of the vibrator can reach 25,000 rotations or more per second. The speed is so fast that a liquid is used to keep the point of the tip cool so it doesn't overheat and damage your teeth. The liquid reduces the amount of friction buildup between the tip and the tooth that can cause the tip to overheat. The circular motion also allows the tip to make cavitation bubbles in the cooling liquid on the surface that will get forced under the stain.

Magnetostrictive Stain Removing Tip

The stain removing tip has an elongated stem with a curved flat blade at the point of it. The curved flat blade allows more of the tip to touch the surface of your teeth. The tip gets screwed down into the top of the vibrator.

Removing the Stains

The dentist inserts the tip into the magnetostrictive vibrator and turns it on. The vibrator also has a small water line connected to it that will spray a constant stream of water or some other friction-reducing liquid onto the area the blade is touching. 

The dentist will slide the curved blade up and down the tooth in a straight motion. The circular motion of the blade spins so quickly that it is impossible to see the rotating motion with the naked eye. As the blade slides along the tooth, bubbles form in the water being sprayed onto the tooth. The flatness of the blade causes some of the liquid bubbles to get forced between the surface of the tooth and the backside of the staining material. The bubbles then lift the staining material off of the tooth.

Polishing Teeth

The dentist will apply a dental polish to your teeth once they have finished using the magnetostrictive techniques to remove the stains. The polish helps to brighten your teeth and restore your smile. To learn more, speak with a dental office like Dr Gary Mannarino Dentistry.


13 April 2016

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