Learn How To Pull Your Child's First Loose Tooth Properly

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When your child has a loose tooth, it is important to wait to remove the tooth until it is truly ready to come out of your child's mouth. Many parents make the mistake of pulling their child's tooth as soon as they notice that it has started to become loose. Pulling the tooth too early could cause your child a lot of pain and actually damage his or her gums. Below is a guide for how to tell when your child's tooth is ready to be pulled and a safe and easy method for pulling it, when the time comes.

2 January 2015

Common Signs That A Tooth Is Dead

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As is the case with every part of the body, the teeth also contain blood vessels and nerves. This makes them alive and vital. However, a tooth can die or become non-vital for many different reasons. It can be difficult to know when this happens and at times, it can cause a lot of pain. Put simply, a tooth is deemed dead when there is no longer a supply of blood and nutrients to it.

4 December 2014